My job. My passion.

I decorate environments with timeless projects, sustainable, efficient and, why not, beautiful.

Once it was called interior decorator, given the age I could keep this title, but as we need to keep up with the present, I’m called: interior designer, specializing in the color project, but lover of total white, absurd!

Why Total white lover? Because as any professional I have to stay sober to work at my best, my house is white so that every night I can reset my sight to give you other worlds the next day.

The second strange thing about my life is that it seems I never stand still, hard worker for everyone but I really would rather live an idle life.

I love immersing myself in the projects I realize, concentration makes me meticulous and makes me pay attention to details. There is no creativity without precision, behind every sketch of colour that seems random there is a well-defined idea in the head and there is extreme care while I’m giving life to it.

Creativity and projects are my drug, I’m completely addicted, I have to admit!

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