Among the palaces of Bergamo

The beauty of neutral colours

Among the old palaces of Bergamo we had the chance to see the transformation of an old apartment. Walls down and new floors, let’s change everything. The house owner decided to be involved in all the restructuring, putting his mind and heart for more than two years. He called us to study and project the drywall, the laying of the parquet and obviously to match the colours in an elegant and timeless way.

The difficulty was in the  apparent simplicity of the choice, a neutral tone, ok, but which one? We checked with attention every shades of the wood texture, we compared the different structure of the marbles in the kitchen and in the bathrooms and we took note of the big quantity of light that entered from the windows. And we chose, Joa’s White, Archive, Hardwick White, Blue Gray, Light Blue, every colour has been selected from the high-quality collection Farrow&Ball. At the end of the work the handshake with the client ad his smile made us understand that we won the challenge.


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