Total white as a necessity

Total white as a necessity.

And colour, as an escape. My house, finally immortalized. Total white is a necessity for me, I have said it several times. I deeply love colour, but I have to rest my eyes in the evening. I have to relax the optic nerve to have the next day the freshness and visual relax to be able to create new worlds, yours. Yes, I can’t get enough of colour, and in fact I use it with vibrant shades here and there. The cleaning of the form, few ornaments but well thought, design illumination and re-styling. I don’t know if it can be defined “my style”. It’s been a house decorated in a hurry, leaving the important furniture in another place. The hurry to come to live in the centre, as soon as possible, to leave a suburb that didn’t belong to us. Re-style, optimizing, limit the costs, at that time, two years ago, it was a necessity. Then, slowly some pieces more important have entered, that I bought with great joy, even because they were Jimmy Choo. And then his room. His room. For which I gave up on white, I give a grey, to focus better, to make music. His music. My coffee, my chamomile, his music. And also the basket with the address of my mom’s house, yes because, it was the basket of the dowry, that travelled from Calabria to Brescia. And from that journey, from the marriage of two south immigrants was born everything, everything I have and I am, and I thank them. I thank the desire and tenacity that every day keep me company.

PHOTO: Mattia Aquila

COLORS: Farrow&Ball

ADDITIONAL: Manuela Mori

GLASS FUSION – Chiara Valentini – product design Siderio


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