In the heart of Brescia

In the heart of Brescia

We are in the centre of our city, Brescia, in the heart of a neighbourhood that once was considered infamous. An historic apartment to renovate and to make it shine with new light. For this reason we start from the beams, leaving them natural at the entrance and colouring them white into the house, to illuminate with new light every space. No polish or covering colours but a product born for the walls and perfect for wood that have to preserve its natural aspect, ESTATE EMULSION by Farrow&Ball, opaque, chalky and soft.

In the project we also banned usual ivory to give space to a rope beige for the general walls and then make the plaster vibrating with red, powder blue and mustard in the vintage kitchen.

An entrance that wants to be the true essence of welcoming, a sentence written for everyone who enters and soft pillows by L’Opificio to cuddle the guests and then some. Plus, other colour, books, artist’s images on the walls and music, among classical guitars , electric guitars and amplifiers.

An apartment lived with love and planned with the same dedication.


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