Light and Colour

Light and Colour

If there is lot of light the colours are illuminated, in the real meaning of the word. A customer who comes into the shop with a simple need: giving colour to an anonymous hallway in the night area.

Our chat begins and we understand that there is something else. There is a will of warming up  a very bright environment and give it more character. There is a will of something that cuddles the sight and the touch. There is the need of colour in small amounts, but that certain small amounts that inch by inch get to be noticed  in the house with kindness. We started from the colour OVAL ROOM BLUE in the famous hallway and then we added wallpaper at the entrance, hiding a functional but not so aesthetic wall wardrobe (look with attention, there it is). Then, a couple of pillows, that have become four and then six and then eight, because everything has to be proportionated to the square footage of the house.

And then the bedroom, in which the study of the “calce materica” (materic non esiste; non sono riuscito a trovare una traduzione per questa tecnica, forse lascerei il nome in italiano) has given to the room a unique and very strong identity, but without loosing elegance. The “calce materica” is a type of decoration that we use very often, but in this case the manic geometry of the drawing made it a true work of art.


COLORS: Farrow&Ball

PILLOWS: L’Opificio

APPLICATION: matter and extra colour finishing

PHOTO: Mattia Aquila


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