Areadocks and Pizza

Petrol blue, there it goes..

When the owner of a reality so important call you and tell you:

“Francy I need you” you get emotional a little bit, you gloat a little bit and you get scared too.

Since that moment every energy has been spent to offer the best to a place that had to mix a retrò taste, modern pieces and french style design. It’s not only a question of proposing beautiful things, individually, it’s the mix that puts you on the edge, because you know that if you do well it will be “a bomb” but otherwise,  if you do wrong , it will be “a flop”. You walk the wire and think, think, think. We interacted with all the staff of architects and craftsmen to propose a coherent and innovative idea at the same time, we have been called in at first as stucco specialists, how to project it, which one to choose and how to position it. A complex work that led us looking for single pieces among various companies to have the right gamma, we did not want a baroque taste, but slightly Decò, floral, light and ethereal. On the planning point of view we dared with asymmetric cuts on the perimeter in order not to denature the blueprint, but to honour it more than it would have.

Then the colour on the walls, in the room of stucco Calluna, a very light lavander and for the restaurant room Hague Blue, an intense deep petrol blue, rich and elegant, perfect on the natural decorating stones.

Another piece we had a lot of fun with, after being with bated breath for some time, were the columns, completely rusty originally were modified in different moments to obtain a worn effect as if they were glazed in lucid black and eroded by time and atmospheric agents. And then the hand painted signs in the front, that welcome the guests with the Areadocks Style. A complete project, stimulating in every phase and that we can say with much pride about, well done!.


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