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Mix & Macht

There are a lot of things you need to know about this house. It was completely red.  Absolutely total red, walls, furniture, doors.  The clients bought it like this and they didn’t want to change it for a while. Then, obviously, the need of oxygen. The need of white and light. But they loved colour and I indulged them. The column in the middle of the bookshelf hides a load-bearing beam that divided in two parts the only big wall of the room, from here the idea to create a single furniture that hides it and gives justice to the interesting square footage.

But let’s get back to us, to the colour. White, bright petrol, yellow, grey, dovegray, red and black (c’è un doppio bianco anche in italiano, non so se voluto) , they are so many, right?  When you ist them, but what about looking at them? Do they annoy?

It doesn’t seem to me,  I rather adore them. We have kept the kitchen, this is the reason why the red colour comes back in some details, as a book or the profile of a pillow.

The custom-made project gives the opportunity to tell the carpenter exactly what you want, how many coloured cubes, how many centimetres, how big and deep the niches are.

You can tell them to build a coordinated hutch. You can tell the plumber to make you choose the best thermo-furniture. You can make the blacksmith realize a structure for abig and small tables and you can have fun decorating it with tiles or with handmade pied de poule drawings.

Collaborating with the best crafter men allows you to be able to realize personalized pillows and match unique wallpapers. The royalty of a peacock that fronts the world. A giant pineapple makes you desire exotic places.

The paintings, painted by us on digital print to honour the biggest passion of our client, the mountains.

A reimagining of a good photo in pop style. that’s all, they are happy and we are happier. Some plants are missing, yeah, missing, who is offering as a volunteer?

Project: Francesca Vizzari

Colours: Farrow&Ball

Pillows: L’Opificio

Photos: Mattia Aquila



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